Explain what is dildo sex toy?

Explain what is dildo sex toy?

Basically dildo is one of those sex toys which used for penetration or other sexual activities. Generally it made for penetration of the vagina, mouth, and anus. In some cases we also called them or count in the vibrator sex toys because they are also comes with vibrations. ‘DILDO’ is very popular sex toy and it's especially popular among the women. It designs specially in the shape of penis for more realistic feeling and to provide women proper satisfaction.

Some of the dildo sex toys are specially design for the anal penetration only which we called the butt plug sex toys. Butt plugs are also very popular for anal pleasure. Butt plug dildos are made for both men and women. dildo- toys are usually made with different types of material such as- rubber, plastic, silicone, and jelly also. Women can use dildos for condom because of hygienic purpose and realistic feeling.

Types of dildo sex toys for men and women?

Types of dildo sex toys for men and women?

Dildos are generally design for body shaking sensation and thrilling feeling. Here are some of these dildos sex toys are classified according to the pleasure you can easily chose best for you and these are also good for beginner people.

Large dildo

As the dildo explains by its name that it is large and it also comes with real penis texture. Large and big dildo especially designs for extra sensational effects and maximum pleasure. You can get large dildos in every verities and materials whether it is the rubber, silicone or plastic.

Realistic dildo

Many people thinks that why we called realistic dildos, so the reason is the curves and the texture of the dildos is look like same as the real penis of men.

Glass dildo

glass dildo is a sex toys design same as a shape of real penis. Glass dildo is female masturbator sex toy. Glass dildo is made with glass material. This is purely transparent. Glass dildo is beautiful structure and this is very attractive. Glass dildos are perfect way to experience a sensational sex play. Because of it’s made with glass its super soft and safe.

G-spot vibrating dildo

G-spot vibrating dildo is made for provide pleasure and stimulation to your g-spot. This dildo is elegant curvy in shape so somewhere its stroking-spot directly. G-spot dildo is comes in verity of design to stimulates your g-spot perfectly.

Suction cup dildo

This suction cup dildo designed with a suction cup in the end. This dildo allows you to attach any flat or smooth surface or getting hands free fun. Many of suction cup dildos come in different style and colours.

Double ended vibrating dildo

Double ended is one of the big dildos made for dual penetration. You can play with that and stimulates your vagina and anus together at a same time. It mostly used by the lesbian couples so we also called them lesbian dildo.

How we get pleasure from dildo sex toy?

How we get pleasure from dildo sex toy?

You can use in a simple way because dido is not a complicating sex device, it looks simple and the use of these dildo is also simple. First you have to clean the dildo sex toy with sex toy cleaner or warm water. Then you have to apply lubricant. Choose right kind of lubricant. If you are going to use a silicon vibrating dildo then don’t use a silicone based lubricant.

Then you can use water based lubricant. Water based lubricant is good with all the sex toys. Then massage it well and massage the vaginal and anal area also. Then start the dildo insertion in your vagina. You have to start with slow. After some time you can raise your speed. You can try it with different kinds of sex positions such as- doggy style sex position, sitting sex position, side way position and many more sex positions.